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Examination Entrance Form


  •  Candidates must bring with them soft lead pencils, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener and must not bring cellular phones into the examination hall.                                                                                                     
  • The Examination Entrance Form and Identification Card as well as the applicant’s passport must be brought to the examination hall.                                                                        
  • Candidates not bringing their Examination Entrance Form along will not be admitted to the examination. 
  • It is forbidden for the applicants to bring mobile phones. Your examination will be null and void if your mobile phone rings during the examination or examiners identify any improper situation.
  • Candidates not meeting the terms of application will not be entitled to any rights with the scores they achieve even if they take the examination. Any candidate applying to ULUYOS is deemed to agree to all of the conditions specified in this manual and Uludağ University Foreign National Student Acceptance Directive.

Click here to get EXAMINATION ENTRY FORM. ( Enter your Passport/T.C/Y.U Identification Card number you entered during application and press the INQUIRY button and then click "Show My Examination Entry Card")

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