Students From Abroad or Foreign Student Admission System (ULUYÖS)


  • What is ULUYOS?

International or Foreign Student Selection System (ULUYÖS); International student candidates who will apply for associate and undergraduate quotas abroad; This is the web page where information regarding applications is provided.


  • How are applications evaluated?

Candidates' applications for placements are made with the scores of other exam types accepted by the University Senate.


  • What is the country quota, how is it applied?

The country quota is %20. If 5 people are accepted to a program, only 1 person can be accepted from the same country. If 10 people are accepted, then it will be only 2 people from the same country.


  • In the country quota, is the nationality on the system valid?

The nationality recorded on the system is valid. If it is not proven during the registration, applicants will not be registered.


  • What is the language of instruction of Bursa Uludağ University?

Turkish. We have two programs taught in English : Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences/ International Relations and Economics.


  • How is the Turkish Language Proficiency Level of the applicants determined?

a) Candidates who are eligible for entrance to the university have to be successful in Turkish Language Exam of Bursa Uludağ University or Turkish Language Placement Test conducted by the Turkish Language Teaching Centers of Turkish Universities or the other specified exams by the Senate.

b) Those who get minimum B2 from the Turkish Language Exam of Bursa Uludağ University and Turkish Language Teaching Centers of the universities or from the other specified exams by the Senate start their education. The Senate is authorized for determining the equivalence of documents showing Turkish proficiency apart from the ones identified in this clause..

c) The students whose level of Turkish is A1, A2, B1 are registered and granted leave of absence to learn Turkish by faculty board decision. The students whose level of Turkish are not sufficient and receive education through their own means are given one extra year if they can’t be sufficient during this time. On the condition that the students certify that they have learned the required level of Turkish as per (a) and (b) clauses of this article in one year, they are allowed to start their education. Otherwise they are withdrawn from the university.

d) Those who have not submitted a document showing their Turkish Proficiency Level during the final registration are considered A1 level and their procedures are conducted accordingly.

e) The candidates who are liable to improve their level of Turkish or whose language level is insufficient can attend the Turkish Language Courses offered by the Bursa Uludağ University.

f) The students who have completed their whole high school education abroad in a Turkish high school affilited with the Ministry of National Education or in a high school in Türkiye are not required a certificate of Turkish Proficiency.


  • Is there a Turkish language course in Bursa Uludağ University for international students?

Bursa Uludağ University's Turkish teaching course for international students is organized by Bursa Uludağ University Turkish Teaching Practice and Research Center (ULUTOMER)



Bursa Uludağ University's Turkish teaching course for international students is structured in five levels, A1-A2 (Beginner Level), B1-B2 (Intermediate Level) and C1 (Advanced Level), taking into consideration language levels in the framework of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages .

A student who has successfully completed five level grades has achieved reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

Lessons are taught more effectively in the context of visual, auditory and written materials so that learners can easily learn Turkish and develop their homework and projects.

A placement test is done before the start of the course. The exam result is valid for four months.

Despite the result of an exam, the teaching staff may change the student’s course level if necessary with the permission of the principle.

Courses have an attendance requirement of 80%. Those with excessive absences are not taken to the examination and are deemed unsuccessful in the course.


  A-1 LEVEL: The student can communicate in daily life with simple sentences, he or she can introduce himself or herself.

  A-2 LEVEL: The student can communicate by using simple sentences and terms related to the environment and subjects close to him / her.

  B-1 LEVEL: The student can read and understand a certain level of Turkish texts. He / she can build simple and interconnected sentences, he / she can tell the events he / she has lived.

  B-2 LEVEL: The student can understand the main idea of difficult texts, know the terms related to the field, and use these terms to express ideas in a subject. A current question can be answered positively and negatively.

  C-1 LEVEL: The student can understand and summarize long and complex texts. He / she can express himself / herself fluently and quickly without difficulty. He / she can use the language effectively in social and professional life. He / she can explain complex issues in an open, planned and detailed way.


  • What is the Turkish language course fee in ULUTOMER?

Every course level costs 5.000 Turkish liras (approximately 160 US dollars). When the sufficient number of requests is reached, classes of each course are opened in each course period. Students are required to take 4 levels of courses to reach the B2 level.


  • How long is the Foreign Language Preparation - Turkish Preparation Periods?

Students who partially enroll in a foreign language education program or an associate degree and undergraduate program in a foreign language and who cannot successfully complete the preparatory class within two years despite attending the foreign language preparatory class are dismissed from the program. The Turkish Preparation period is also included in this period. (Turkish or Foreign Language Preparation Period cannot exceed 2 years.)


  • How should I apply for quotas that will be accepted through Special Aptitude Exams?

Applicants who wish to enroll in higher education programs which require special skills such as art, music and physical education are selected by means of special skills tests. Candidates applying to programs that accept students through the Special Aptitude Exam are required to have an internationally valid exam score accepted by the Senate of our University. Special Aptitude Exam dates and conditions will be announced by the relevant units on their websites.


For detailed information, please read the "GUIDE" carefully. 


NOTE: The information, explanations and rules in the Guide can be changed if necessary by the decisions of Bursa Uludağ University Senate and/or Higher Education Council (YÖK) and other official institutions that may come into force after the publication date of the Guide. In this case, the path to be followed is determined by YDOKK. In cases not specified in the Directive and the Guide, action is taken according to the decisions made by YDOKK, ULUYOS  Coordinator.

Uludağ University has the authority to make changes to the explanations, dates, and conditions in this information. The changes to be made are announced to the candidates one week in advance by announcing them on the University's website.

Bursa Uludag University has the authority to change the statements, dates and conditions stated on this web site. Possible changes will be announced on this web site.All changes and announcements made on the ULUYOS website are considered as notifications to the candidates.
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