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Tax Identification Number Information

Tax ID acquisition becomes relevant only in the absence of a valid Foreigner ID. That is, those who don’t have a Foreigner ID need to have a Tax ID in order to open a bank account with some banks, obtain health insurance, pay Residence Permit fees and Residence Permit card fees and perform various formalities in Turkey.

Obtaining a Tax ID is free of charge and the only required document is a valid passport.

Tax ID Number can be obtained in two ways:
Online application: Visit the official webpage of the Interactive Tax Office at ( Click on the Application for Non-Citizen’s Potential Tax Number button at the bottom of the page. Fill in the form completely. The system will give you a Tax ID number once you submit the form.
Please enable cookies and pop-ups on your browser since your Tax ID number will be given to you as an official letter in a PDF format. If you do not enable them, you cannot receive the document.  The T.C./Vergi Kimlik Numarası or the Potansiyel Vergi Kimlik Numarası on the document is your Tax ID number.

In-person application: You need to visit a Tax Office to apply for and obtain a Tax ID number. The required documents are as follows:
  . Original passport
  . A photocopy of the passport’s identification page
  . Filled and signed Tax ID Request Petition.

Tax Offices only accept the applications of the people who have received the "The accuracy of your identity and passport information could not be ensured" warning; even though all information was entered correctly during the online application. It is recommended that you obtain the "Potential Tax Number for Foreigners" online in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

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