Students From Abroad or Foreign Student Admission System (ULUYÖS)

Required Documents for the Application


Following the announcement of Examination Results, selection procedures will be accepted online via between the dates of June 10, - 25 June, 2024. (It will end at 17.00 Turkish Time.)


1- A headshot photo

2- Passport/Identity Card (Those who have a Residence Card will upload their residence card, those with a Blue Card will upload their Blue Card, and those with a Turkish Identity Card will upload their Turkish Identity Card.)

 - Candidates having two nationalities, one of which is Turkish, as well as those holding a Blue Card, must submit a copy of their "Certificate of Identity Register," which they will get through the e-state portal at and which shows their parents' registration. [ in questioning; Census Sample Type: Population Family, Ex-Spouse List: No, Documentation: Yes, and the query should be made.] Blue Card holder candidates must also upload their Blue Card or Citizenship Renunciation Permit Documents to the system.

3- High School Diploma (Temporary Graduation Certificate and Transcript for graduate candidates.)

4- Translation of High School Diploma  (Turkish or English)  (excluding candidates who have graduated from Turkish high schools) 

5- Transcript or academic record of high school degree (Turkish or English) (It will be uploaded separately for each semester.)

6-Translation of transcript (Turkish or English)(excluding candidates who have graduated from Turkish high schools)

7-Candidates who are Turkish by birth who have completed their high school education abroad must upload all of their high school transcripts. (Candidates in this situation should carefully examine article 4 of the Application Conditions.)

8- Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate (Those who have the certificate will upload.)

(The students who have completed their whole high school education in a Turkish High School abroad or in a high school in Turkey are not required a certificate of Turkish Proficiency.)  Click for detailed info.

ATTENTION:All documents to be uploaded must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and smaller than 2 MB.


ATTENTION: Considering that dual nationals, one of whom is a Turkish national, and those with a Turkish nationality, can apply for the quota of student admission from abroad if they have completed their entire high school education in high schools abroad (excluding TRNC high schools); 

Candidates who have obtained a diploma from a high school abroad through distance education without being abroad are not accepted to apply with these diplomas for transition to higher education within the framework of the student admission quota from abroad. Those who receive a diploma from a high school abroad through formal education; Entry and exit from the country where the diploma was obtained will be checked from passport or security records. If the period of stay in the relevant country does not support formal high school education, applications with these diplomas will not be evaluated within the framework of the quota for student admission from abroad, and if detected, their records will be deleted at every stage. Dual citizens, one of whom is Turkish nationality, and those with Turkish nationality are required to upload the images of the pages showing their entry and exit to the country, including their high school education periods, in the Supplementary File section during the application.

Bursa Uludag University has the authority to change the statements, dates and conditions stated on this web site. Possible changes will be announced on this web site.All changes and announcements made on the ULUYOS website are considered as notifications to the candidates.
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Students From Abroad or Foreign Student Admission System (ULUYÖS)
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