26.11.2022 - Bursa Uludağ University Foreign Student Examination (ULUYOS)


  • The Examination Entrance Form and Identification Card as well as the applicant’s passport must be brought to the examination hall.                                                                        
  • Candidates without  their Examination Entrance Form will not be admitted to the examination. 
  •  Candidates must bring with them soft lead pencils, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener.
  • It is forbidden for the applicants to bring mobile phones. 

                              EXAM RULES

  1. The answer time given in this exam is 120 minutes (2 hours).
  2. The candidate who leaves the exam hall for any reason will not be taken to the exam again.
  3. No candidate will be allowed to leave the hall during the first 30 and last 15 minutes of the exam, even if they have submitted the exam documents.
  4. It is forbidden to take the exam with any electronic device, such as a mobile phone, weapon, calculator, dictionary, etc., as specified in the ULUYOS Guide. The exams of those who do not comply with this prohibition will be considered invalid.
  5. You have to obey all kinds of warnings of the invigilators during the exam, the invigilators can change your seat when necessary.
  6. Taking the exam on behalf of someone else or attempting to cheat will result in the cancellation of your exam. Invigilators have the authority to cancel their exams without warning those trying to cheat or helping to cheat. In cases where mass cheating is detected, the exams of all candidates participating in cheating will be deemed invalid.
  7. It is forbidden to talk to the invigilators and ask questions during the exam. It is strictly forbidden for candidates to ask each other for pencils, eraser etc.
  8. If you think there are errors or mistakes in the exam questions, notify the invigilators and ask them to be recorded in the minutes. The question that is thought to be wrong will be examined by the Exam Question Committee and will be evaluated in favor of the student.
  9. After the instruction of the invigilator, check whether the pages of the question booklets are missing and whether there are printing errors in the booklet. If a page of your question booklet is missing or the printing is incorrect, notify the invigilator.
  10. Before answering, write your name, surname and candidate number in the space reserved on the question booklet.
  11. Write your candidate number and booklet type on your answer sheet and code it. Also, sign with your name, surname, date and place of birth, gender, nationality, and ID/passport number.
  12. Only pencils will be marked on the answer sheets. Ballpoint pens and fountain pens will never be used.
  13. Each question has five different answer options, and only one of them is the correct answer to the question. Candidates must mark only one answer option for each question. If more than one option is marked for a question on the answer sheet or if the place reserved for an option is not marked correctly, the answer given for that question will be considered incorrect.
  14. When the exam period is over, the answers must be marked on the Answer Sheet. The answers only marked in the Question Booklet are invalid.
  15. Points will be given to correct answers, incorrect answers will not be deducted from correct answers.
  16. You can use the empty spaces in the question booklet for the solution. It is strictly forbidden to write the questions and your answers to these questions on a separate piece of paper and take this paper out.
  17. Before leaving the exam hall, hand over your question booklet and answer sheet to the invigilators in full. Never leave the exam documents on the desk.                                        

Candidates not meeting the terms of application will not be entitled to any rights with the scores they achieve even if they take the examination. Any candidate applying to ULUYOS is deemed to agree to all of the conditions specified in this manual and Uludağ University Foreign National Student Acceptance Directive. Read the Guide carefully. We wish you success.

  to get EXAMINATION ENTRY FORM. ( Enter your Passport/T.C/Y.U Identification Card number you entered during application and press the INQUIRY button and then click "Show My Examination Entry Card")


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