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  • What is UUYOS ( Uludağ University Foreign  Students Examination)?

UÜYÖS is an examination taken by foreign or overseas students who wish to study at Uludağ University. The UUYOS result can only be used for applying for the quotas of Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Programs.This examination is conducted by Uludağ University Continous Education and Research Center bound to Uludag University Rectorate.

The applications for UUYOS are completed through the application system (http://yos.uludag.edu.tr). Applications are accepted within the application period.

  • What are the application requirements of UUYOS?

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  • How can the applicants apply for the UUYOS?

The applications for UUYOS are completed through the application system (http://yos.uludag.edu.tr/). Applications are only accepted within the application period.  Candidates firstly  have to pay the exam application fee, which is identfy in  http: // yos.uludag.edu.tr web page, completely after than they start to fill UUYOS Exam  Application Form at http:// yos.uludag.edu.tr  webpage online application buton . Applications will not be approved and assessed if the examination fee is not deposited in full.  You cannot apply to the examination without depositing the examination fee.

While filling in the form: Applicants are fully responsible for any negative consequences that may arise due to the errors they make. ID information fields should be filled in with the information on the applicant’s passport without any changes or abbreviations. To the related part in the form the photograph of the applicants should be uploaded electronically. Since this photograph will be used on the exam entrance document, on the exam result document, on the student card and for the registration it must be taken within last three months before the application date and must portray the applicant easily recognizable. In order to get the Applicant Number, applicants should fill in the Candidate Application Form online carefully within the application period on the UUYOS website. Only the applicants completing the procedure can get the  UUYOS Candidate Number" and "System Login Password

The applications will be confirmed by UUYOS Examination Unit after completing the application form.  UUYOS Candidate Number" and "System Login Password” should be kept carefully by the applicants as it will be used both for all the procedures about the exam and for all future transactions with UUYOS.

  • How can the applicants pay UUYOS fee?

Applicants should pay the fee for UÜYOS which is defined for the region they will take the exam within the application period through money order EFT or credit card. The examination fee must not be sent as a private cheque, or in an envelope, or as a postal cheque or through similar means.

  • Can the applicants claim the right to a refund of UUYOS fee?

Applicants who pay the fee, but decide not to apply, or those whose applications are invalid, or those who do not or cannot take the exam, or those who are expelled from the exam hall, or who are not allowed to sit the exam, or who fail the exam, or whose exam papers are invalid for any reason, or who pay for any procedure that does not require payment cannot claim the right to a refund of the fees paid. The contribution fee they pay cannot be credited towards future exam dates. Applications of those who haven’t paid the contribution fee will not be accepted.

  • What kind of questions does UUYOS include?

UUYOS – Basic Learning Skills Test (80 questions) intended to measure the abstract and analytic thinking, letter number and shape relations and reasoning power of the candidates and the numerical skill powers requiring mathematical and geometrical knowledge and capabilities. The test does not mainly focus on grammar. There will be no Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography questions in this test.

The content of the questions are :

  • 10 questions reading comprehension,
  • 10 questions social and general culture, 
  • 10 questions geometry,
  • 20 questions mathematics and
  • 30 questions letter number, graphics and pattern analysis.

All the questions in the examination booklet are “multiple choice” type questions.

  • In which languages is UUYOS prepared?

The questions in Basic Learning Skills Test in UUYOS will be prepared and given in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic and Persian.


  • Where can the applicants get UUYOS Exam Entrance Document?

The list of the applicants whose applications are confirmed and the exam halls they will take the exam will be announced on the UUYOS website.  You can recived and printout  UUYOS 2017  “Exam Entry Card”  which is containing information about the country, city, location, class and your exam time at the 21st of April, 2017 on the web page of http: / yos.uludag.edu.tr by using your “UUYOS Candidate Number” and " System Login Password "

  • Which documents does a candidate have to bring on the exam day?

The applicants must bring  the 2017 UUYOS “Exam Application Form”, “Exam Entry Card” , “Identy Card”, “Passport (Residency Permit)” documents  when entering  the exam at exam day.  If several of these documents are missing it is offical reason that candidates are not taken to the exam.

It is prohibited to use the following items in the examination: communication devices such as pagers, radio transmitters, etc., PDA’s, wristwatches with calculator and databank function, all kinds of devices with computer function as well as fire arms, etc., scratchpads, books, dictionaries, electronic devices with dictionary function, calculator, calculation sheets, compass, protractor, ruler, etc. Examiners will write down the names of candidates using such tools during examination in the Examination Hall Official Report, and examinations of such candidates will be null and void.

 The applicants will be admitted to the exam halls following ID check. The exam will be held in one session. Applicants should be ready in front of the building of their exam hall at least one hour before the exam.

  • What are the things to be careful about in the question booklet and the answer sheet?

All of the questions in the booklet are multiple choice. There are five alternatives for each question and there is only one right answer for each question. Answers will be counted as incorrect if more than one choice is marked or if the applicants’ answers overflow the given space for the answer. Answers should be marked on the Answer Sheet.  Answers written on the booklet will be invalid. It is strictly forbidden for applicants to talk, cheat or assist others during the examination. Applicants proven to be disobeying the rules will be disqualified. At the end of the examination, applicants will hand in, as instructed, the question booklet with the answer sheet to the exam proctor in charge of the examination hall. The answer sheets of applicants whose examination results have been declared invalid because they have broken the rules of the examination or who have not returned the necessary documents at the end of the examination will not be evaluated and an Examination Result Document will not be prepared.

  • How is the UUYOS score assessed?

Tests are prepared as multiple-choice questions and evaluated on computer. Each correct answer given to each question in UÜYÖS Basic Learning Skills Test will be added to the overall score, and wrong answers will not be deducted from the candidate’s score

  • Where will UUYOS results be announced?

Examination results will only be announced on http://yos.uludag.edu.tr . Applicants can learn their exam results by using their UUYOS Candidate Number” and " System Login Password " on http://yos.uludag.edu.tr  webpage  at May 15, 2017 .Examination Results Document will be issued for applicants who have taken the exam provided that their exam is valid.

  • What is the period of validity for UUYOS result document?

The period of validity for UUYOS result document is 2 (two) year

  • How is the placement done according to UUYOS result?

The evaluation of the candidates’ applications will be based on the UUYOS score

  • What is the minimum score to choose a programme?

The applicants getting at least 50 points from the Test of Basic Learning Skills can choose formal education. For the Associate Degree education programs of the Faculty the applicants have to get at least 30 points or more.


  • What is the country quota, how is it applied?

The country quota is %20. If 5 people are accepted to a programme, only 1 person can be accepted from the same country. If 10 people are accepted, then it will be only 2 people from the same country.

  • In the country quota, is the nationality on the system valid?

The nationality recorded on the system is valid. If it is not proven during the registration, applicants will not be registered.

  • How is the Turkish Language Proficiency Level of the applicants defined?

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  • Can other universities’ scores be used in the placement of foreign students to Uludağ University?

Yes, other universities’ scores can be used. Uludağl University accepts foreign students. Except from UUYOS exam result of candidates, YOS exam results of othger Turkish state universities will be measured by applying 0,9 coefficient. Uludag University has the authority to decline the other universities’ YOS exam result in case of any inefficiency of conditions and measurement of the exam.

  • Is it necessary to make choices for the programmes which can be registered by aptitude tests?

Applicants who wish to enroll in higher education programs which require special skills such as art, music and physical education are selected by means of special skills tests, but foreign students are still required to take the UÜYÖS examination or one of the community universities examinations. Applicants must take at least 50 test score one of those exam.  Aptitude tests dates and conditions will be announced on related faculty’s web page.

  • Will there be second placement after the choices?

Yes. Following the first placement, vacant quotas will be announced at June 30,2017.After that there will be another placement at July 17-21, 2017.


  • Which universities accept UUYOS result ?

UUYOS result is accepted by most of the universities in Turkey. Full list will be announced at http://yos.uludag.edu.tr.


The rules prescribed in this guide can be changed if it is necessitated by the decision taken by the Higher Education Council after the publication of this guide. YDOK will determine the procedure to be followed in such a case. Rules stipulated by YDOK will be applicable in any and all circumstances that are not covered in this manual.

Uludag University has the authority to change the statements, dates and conditions stated on this web site. Possible changes will be announced on this web site.
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