12/3/2020 - Bursa Uludağ University ULUYÖS


Following the announcement of Examination Results, selection procedures will be accepted online via http://yos.uludag.edu.tr between the dates of 04 August - 14 August 2020


1- Recently taken photo

2- Passport/Identity Card (Turkish Goverment's Resident Permit Card Holders should uploud their card)

 -“Detailed Identity Registry Copy” showing the records of candidates’ mother and father for Blue Card Holders and candidates with dual citizenship (if one of them is Turkish Republic) must be uploaded on the system. Blue Card holders must upload their blue card and Turkish Citizenshep exit certificate.

3- High School Diploma (Student certificate and Transcript showing graduation status)

4- Translation of High School Diploma  (Turkish or English)  (excluding candidates who have graduated from Turkish high schools)

5- Transcript or academic record of high school degree (Turkish or English) 
6-Translation of transcript (Turkish or English)(excluding candidates who have graduated from Turkish high schools)
7- Examination Results Certificate submitted in preference application and if it is in another language, the translation in Turkish or English)

(All documents to be uploaded must be in JPEG (.jpg) format and smaller than 2 MB.)

* The information must be logged into the system accurately and can not be amended. (Each applicant may only apply once, and if more than one application is found, both applicants will not be assessed.)

* The applications of the candidated who have submitted missing or false information will not be processed.

* During placement, the authentic and approved copy of the documents must be provided.

* Personal candidate statements will be taken into account in applications whether they meet the application requirements or not. Candidates not meeting the application requirements, and candidates making applications and submitting preferences with misstatements will not be granted any rights even if they are placed in a program.

* Students are accepted to higher education programs such as painting, music, physical education, etc. which require special talent and skills, with in the Special Talent Examination System. 

* Applicants who wish to enroll in higher education programs which require special skills such as art, music and physical education are selected by means of special skills tests, but foreign students are still required to take the ULUYOS examination or to obtain an acceptable score on one of the international examinations that is acceptable by Uludag University Senate in order to apply.

* Special Talent Examination application and examination dates will be announced by the relevant units, and candidates applying to placement quotas must submit their applications to the relevant units. Placements to programs in departments accepting students with special talent examination will be carried out by commissions formed by the relevant units. Results will be announced by the relevant units as well. Candidates applying to departments or programs accepting students with special talent examination must meet the acceptance requirements, and pass the special talent examination administered by the Faculty/Conservatory as well.

* Applications submitted in person or via e-mail will not be accepted.

* A letter of acceptance will be issued and sent to the candidates granted with the right to enroll. Candidates can use such letters to obtain visa from Turkish foreign representation offices in their countries or to obtain residence permit from Bursa Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration if in Turkey.

* Additional Placements to available quota at the end of enrollment procedures will be among the candidates that are not placed to any Faculty/Vocational School, the results will be announced on 27 July 2020.

* The rules prescribed in this guide can be changed if it is necessitated by the decision taken by the Higher Education Council after the publication of this guide.

* Dates and conditions specified are subject to changes to be made by Uludağ University. Changes will be announced to the candidates on University’s website one week prior to implementation.

Uludağ University is free to fill the announced quota or notMeeting the application requirements does not guarante admission and acceptance . Right of enrollment will become final pursuant to recommendation of “Foreign Student Acceptance Commission”, and approval of relevant Faculty/Graduate School Administrative Committee. Right of enrollment is subject to approval.

Click for preference application. (04 August - 14 August 2020)

Bursa Uludag University has the authority to change the statements, dates and conditions stated on this web site. Possible changes will be announced on this web site.
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