10/22/2021 - Bursa Uludağ University Foreign Student Examination (ULUYOS)

Exam Content

   - ULUYOS (FACE TO FACE) (80 questions) intended to measure the abstract and analytic thinking, letter number and shape relations and reasoning power of the candidates and the numerical skill powers requiring mathematical and geometrical knowledge and capabilities. The test does not mainly focus on grammar. There will be no Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography questions in this test.

The content of the questions are :

  • 30 Mathemathics
  • 10 General Skills
  • 10 Geometry
  • 10 Mathematics field knowledge
  • 20 Number and figure relations

All the questions in the examination booklet are “multiple choices” type questions. 

   - E-ULUYOS (ONLINE) (Basic Learning Skills Test will consist of 40 questions.) (The exam is the questions that aim to measure the numerical abilities of the candidates, which require abstract and analytical thinking, letter number and shape relationships, reasoning, mathematics and geometry knowledge, as previously stated on our ULUYOS website. There will be no questions about Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. The questions will consist of "multiple choice" type questions that are equally equivalent to each candidate from the question pool, with answer choices blended from different questions and balancedly distributed. The questions will be prepared in Turkish, English and other languages as deemed necessary.)

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