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Exam Topics



  • Refining the statements
  • Dialogical thinking
  • Interdisciplinary relations
  • Critical reading
  • Analyzing or evaluating actions and policies
  • Providing solutions
  • Evaluation of solutions
  • Analyzing assessments,  observations and beliefs
  • Disclosing and analyzing words and word groups
  • Developing individual’s point of view, creating assurances, beliefs, exploring
  • Comparing similarities
  • Remarking significant similarities and differences
  • Examining and evaluating posits
  • Using critical word groups
  • Sorting out related facts from unrelated ones
  • Evaluating proofs and  assertions
  • Recognizing paradoxes


  • Circle: Angle, length
  • Area of a cirle
  • Triangle: Length, angle, area, bisector, median line
  • Square: Length, angle, area
  • Rectangle: Length, angle, area
  • Parallelogram: Length, angle, area
  • Trapezoid: Length, angle, area


  • Number sequences
  • Finding the different shape
  • Finding the requested in a letter chart
  • Scales (shape equations)
  • Relevance of numbers-shapes
  • Relevance of letters-numbers
  • Series of shapes
  • 5x5 Sudoku
  • Completing three dimensional shapes
  • According to the relevance given in Line 1 which shape complements Line 2
  • Finding requested shape in shape addition
  • Which shape should complement in 3x3 shape matrix?
  • Finding shapes out of shapes in 7x7 or 8x8 symbolic matrix
  • Three dimensional cube counting
  • Rational numbers: four oprations
  • Exponential numbers
  • Root numbers
  • Factorization
  • Systems of equations (1.degree)
  • Sets: operations on elements of sets, operations on union and intersection sets
  • Ratio, proportion
  • Polynominal: finding the remainder in divions
  • Complex numbers: four operations, finding the unknown in equations, graphics





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