10/22/2021 - Bursa Uludağ University Foreign Student Examination (ULUYOS)

General Information


  1. ULUYOS is an examination taken by foreign or overseas students who wish to study at Bursa Uludağ University. The results obtained from this exam can be used for applying for Bursa Uludağ University (BUÜ) foreign or overseas students’ quotas. This examination is conducted by Bursa Uludağ University Continous Education and Research Center bound to Bursa Uludag University Rectorate.
  2. The ULUYOS document is valid for 2 (two) academic years following the examination date.
  3. All correspondence between BUÜ and applicants must be in Turkish and English.
  4. The applications for the examination will be accepted between February 15– May 18, 2021 and can only be made online. Candidates should state their country and language preference on the application form. Applications submitted outside the application term and applications submitted in person or via mail will not be accepted. Candidates completing the Examination Application form must print out the “Exam  Application Form” generated by the system upon completion of the form and “Exam Entry Card” indicating the examination locations to be announced, and bring them along to the examination. Moreover, candidates must bring along their identity cards/passports and residence permits, if any.(Examination halls will be announced at the Bursa Uludağ University’s website http://yos.uludag.edu.tr on May, 31th 2021)
  5.  The applicants who have lost their Examination Admission Document can reprint their documents by logging in the system again with their Y.U./T.C./Passport Numbers.
  6. The ULUYOS result can only be used for applying for the quotas of Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree Programs. Those who have been studying at an institution of higher education (undergraduate transfer) or in the selection and placement transactions of those who would like to receive post-graduate education need to apply for the related higher education institution directly.
  7. The applicants who have to travel for taking ULUYOS meet their own needs such as residence permit, accommodation, subsistence etc.
  8. Personal candidate statements will be taken  into consideration to check whether they meet the application requirements for ULUYOS 2021. Candidates not meeting the application requirements or misrepresenting themselves will not be entitled to any rights with the scores they achieve.
  9. The application fee paid by the applicant cannot be transferred to the following years. The fees paid by the applicants who don’t or can’t apply, the fees paid by the applicants whose applications are considered invalid, those who do not or cannot take the examination, those who are not accepted to the examination or dismissed from the exam, those who fail or whose examination papers are considered invalid in addition to those who have paid an amount for a transaction that is free of charge, are not repaid.

  10. Candidates are required to ensure whether they meet the “Terms of Application in line with the Bursa Uludağ University Foreign National Student Acceptance Directive and the application principles for accepting foreign national students prescribed by Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

For detailed information, please read the GUIDE carefully.

Bursa Uludag University has the authority to change the statements, dates and conditions stated on this web site. Possible changes will be announced on this web site.
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